• Natural Marseilles Laundry Soap Flakes


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  • Description

    • Pure Marseilles soap flakes made from copra oil (extract of coconut) and palm oil (an extract of the palm fruit)
    • Suitable for the cool hand washing of silk, wool, delicate items and lingerie - especially good for baby clothes as hypoallergenic
    • Made in France

    How to use:

    Hand washing: dissolve 1 handful of flakes in 2 liters of hot water (use cold water for delicate items). Wash and rinse intensively. Finish with a vinegar rinse to help remove soap from the clothes.

    Machine washing: as a first step, dissolve 2 handfuls of flakes in 1 litre of very hot water (use a bottle or an old liquid detergent container). Shake well. Then, dispense the equivalent of a glass content in the washing machine drawer. 

    It is possible to prepare your home made detergent in advance. If you do, just shake well before use to make the detergent liquid. 

    Additional tips: 

    To perfume your laundry, add a few drops of essential oils (lavender, tea tree, agrums)

    For a perfectly white laundry, add a teaspoon of soda crystal in your home-made detergent. 

    Available to pick up in store.


  • Marius Fabre Natural Marseilles Soap Flakes at BLANC Home
  • Marius Fabre Natural Marseilles Soap Flakes at BLANC Home

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