• New House Doctor DK Collection for Spring!

    We are absolutely delighted to announce the arrival of our fresh, colourful and very stylish spring collection 2014! 

    We carefully selected the best from beloved Danish brand House Doctor which we hope will help to brighten your living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms (we kept quite a few items for ourselves...). We've been fans of the brand for years and are happy to report that more and more people feel the same way! We love their stylish yet practical product offering, we love their colour schemes, we love the quality of each product - in brief, we love scandi!

    Let us take you on a small tour...

    Wooden tools by House DoctorIn the kitchen, explore the colourful wooden tools collection and give a little boost to your salads. We've got some Coloured Beech Wood Salad Servers (choose the Pink, Blue or Grey set), we've got some Coloured Beech Wood Spatulas and we've got the lovely Wooden Spoons to go with them! We also ordered a few of the more classical Salad Servers, made of stainless steel - they will soon become a staple of your kitchen.

    Both stylish and practical, discover the beautiful lacquered kitchenware (trays, bowls and salad bowls) in the "Cravina" Collection by Nicolas Vahé. Nicolas Vahé is a French Chef, passionate about fine dining and kitchen decor. He partnered with House Doctor for a beautiful collection of kitchen tools. We love the Salad & Serving Bowls Set, but you can also order the set of two Serving Bowls (one light grey, one dark grey) or the lovely Bamboo Tray. Last but not least, the object you never knew you needed but won't be able to do without from now on: the apple peeler/slicer/corer! We have two and we use them every day - they are SO convenient when it comes to baking or simply making sure you eat your one apple a day. And kids absolutely love them. Absolute must buy!

    Vases Collection by House Doctor

    For your living room, we went a bit crazy with the House Doctor vases this season... Starting with the lovely Small and Large Measuring Jugs, the Sailor Stripes Vase, and the soon-to-become one of our best-sellers Concrete & Black Pearl Tube Vase (very popular pin on Pinterest if that's any indication...). We also love the "Manu" Glass Jar Vase which can serve both as a vase or candle holder.

    We've also selected a collection of new prints - Type It Out Loud, Clean Up Your Mess or the Eye Chart - which are already quite well known pieces from House Doctor. Finally, to display your most precious ornaments or house candles everywhere, we've got a new Glass Dome Cover - and the Antique Glass & Iron Storage Boxes are back in stock.

    This is not all there is of course - but this blog post would become a bit long for a Friday afternoon... So we'll let you browse through the collection this weekend, and let a fun spring start! 

    The BLANC Home Team xx

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